45 isn’t just a number. It’s not just a chapter in a history textbook. Nor is it simply an odd sandwiched between evens. It’s more than all that.

It’s a global catastrophe.

IT’S TIME FOR 46 was forged from the fires of social injustice, systemic inequality, and the reckless sowing of violence across the country. It arose from an existential need to see American aspire to be a place that runs on unity and cooperation—not one that limps along on the fumes of hatred and greed.

We are a digital and social headquarters that wants to inject the Democratic presidential campaign with the spirit of change. Over the last four years, it’s become natural to want to give up. Good will and good faith have been in short supply. We haven’t had a breath of fresh air in too long. That’s why we’re bringing together voices from around the country to speak about the need for change, to imagine a world without 45—and to make that world a reality.

If you feel let down, forgotten, marginalized, ignored, or attacked by your country, then this is for you. This is your megaphone. This is your pedestal. Stand up and shout. Help us make sure that time runs out for 45 on November 3rd, 2020. Help us remind the world what real decency is all about. Let’s usher in a new era.

It’s time for 46.