By the Numbers

Let's talk math.

Did you know that Pennsylvania + Wisconsin + Minnesota + Nevada = 46 electoral votes?

46 Electoral Votes

How about Florida + Arizona + Nevada? 46 electoral votes.

How about Pennsylvania + Michigan + Wisconsin? 46 electoral votes.

How about Pennsylvania + Wisconsin+ Nevada + Arizona? 46 electoral votes.

How about North Carolina + Wisconsin + Minnesota + Arizona? 46 electoral votes, too.

The math is pretty simple. Any number of victories in swing states can amount to 46. It's a magic number—the number, if you do your part, of our next president.

But what about the other numbers? Say, the number of lies 45 has told. Or the number of people marching in protest against police brutality. Those are the numbers that tell the real story of 45. The story of lives destroyed, ridiculed, derailed, dehumanized. The story of America under 45.

  1. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, there have been over 6.2 million diagnosed cases of Covid-19 and over 200,000+ deaths. Our case count is high and staying high. Why? Here’s a hint: It was months into the pandemic until 45 agreed to wear a mask.
  2. 45 promised to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. He hasn’t. Since he took office, there have been 7.8 million lost jobs, including 7,100 coal mining jobs and 274,000 manufacturing jobs. So much for bringing jobs back. 45 sent them packing.
  3. Up to 26 million people have marched against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. 45 has deliberately stoked the fires of racism and white nationalism—it’s his election strategy of hate.
  4. Under 45, 5.2 million people marched for women’s rights. America under 45 is a drowning nation. We need to send in a lifeboat.
  5. Over 5,500 children have been separated from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border. That’s not just a tragedy under 45—it’s his policy. So where are the children? Cages in locked warehouses.
  6. 45 has rolled back 100 essential climate and environmental protection policies. The natural world is only as good as the money 45 can exploit from it.
  7. In the first year of 45’s presidency there was a 55% increase in white nationalist hate group membership. And since 2019, a 43% increase in anti-LGBTQ hate groups. This isn’t a coincidence. 45’s rhetoric are the seeds of homegrown terrorism.
  8. As of July 2020, 45 has made over 20,000 false or misleading claims. This is a man who cannot tell the truth. This is a man who thinks the truth is for “suckers.”