Oct 13, 2020

Pandemic in the Classroom

It was on the news everywhere: a “plague” had broken out in China, causing respiratory problems – a virus that is now known as the coronavirus or COVID-19.

Oct 12, 2020

45 Catches COVID-19 but We All Suffer

45, would you still describe COVID-19 as "beatable?" Does a reported 210,000+ total deaths in the United States sound "beatable" to you?

Oct 5, 2020

Climate Change is a Now Problem

Climate change is real, and it is happening. Forget what you’ve heard about climate change being a “future” problem; it is now a problem.

Oct 1, 2020

'A Worry We Had to Carry': An Immigrant's Story

It was a word only spoken within the walls of our home but never in public. A word that was always the hottest topic at our family gatherings but never left the room. A word of angst.

Sep 25, 2020

Max Wants a President Who Will Protect Transgender Rights

Max is a queer rights and environmental activist who believes in the equality of all people regardless of race and gender.

Sep 15, 2020

Multicultural Millennials and Generation Z to Play Huge Role in November

Up to 26 million people in the United States have marched against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. During the month of June, 6% of American adults reported having participated in a rally or protest related to racial equality, 54% of whom were multiethnic, and 41% were millennials and Generation Z.

Sep 14, 2020

Viviana Wants Statehood for Puerto Rico and a President Who Gets It

Viviana is concerned about a lack of representation. She laments the fact that Puerto Ricans living in Puerto Rico are not allowed to vote for President of the United States, even though the president’s actions directly affect the island.

Sep 9, 2020

Biden and Harris to campaign in Florida amid concerns about Latino support

A Hispanic-led super PAC campaign, “It’s Time for 46,” launched Tuesday with the goal of mobilizing millennials and Generation Z voters to remove President Trump from office. The campaign is targeting Trump’s record on the coronavirus, the economy, policing, immigration, and the environment. Until recently, President Trump’s campaign was far outspending Biden in Spanish-language media and deploying more resources to contact voters on the ground. Aides remain confident the president can substantially outperform his 2016 numbers in November.

Sep 9, 2020

Pro-Biden super-PAC injects energy into presidential race

A new super-PAC aims to inject energy into Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign for President of the United States by harvesting the untapped social and political power of multicultural millennials and Generation Z, as well as other under-represented voting blocs.