Pro-Biden super-PAC injects energy into presidential race

AUSTIN, TX – A new super-PAC aims to inject energy into Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s campaign for President of the United States by harvesting the untapped social and political power of multicultural millennials and Generation Z, as well as other under-represented voting blocs.

It’s Time For 46 will be a digital and social headquarters where concerned and impassioned citizens from all over the United States can post videos, donate, register to vote, and more.

At the heart of the super-PAC is a belief in the raw and transformative power of numbers as a galvanizing force. By relegating President Trump’s name to the number of his presidency — 45 — the super-PAC believes that the country can begin thinking positively about the next number in that sequence. It’s Time For 46 wants to end the 45th chapter in presidential history and turn the page to Chapter 46.

It’s Time For 46 is helmed by Juan Proaño and Sergio Alcocer, two veterans of the technology and creative worlds.

Juan Proaño is an entrepreneur, technologist, and business leader who is active in civic affairs and progressive politics. Proaño is the co-founder and CEO of Plus Three, a Technology company serving nonprofit, advocacy, membership, and political organizations. Founded in 2002, Plus Three has raised more than $500 million online and delivered over one billion emails for its nonprofit clients.

“There is too much at stake in this election to sit on the sidelines,” says Proaño. “We are committed to reaching the widest possible audience of people of color online to share their vision for a future under the 46th President. When you engage people of color, they change the outcome of elections and campaigns. It’s Time For 46 gives voice to millions of people, helping them share their vision for the future of our country.”

Sergio Alcocer is the founder of Rest of the World, a Social Impact Creative Agency. Started in 2017, Rest of the World creates advertising that is rooted in cultural context, has a tangible social impact, and aspires to change the world. Before Rest of the World, Alcocer was President and Chief Creative of LatinWorks, where he worked with Forbes 100 companies for nearly two decades to connect with Hispanic communities and other minority groups. One of the most respected creative minds in the U.S. and Latin America, Alcocer has a long history of crafting effective campaigns for successful brands.

Alcocer says that “It’s Time For 46 is not a campaign about policy, but rather an opportunity for diverse voices to define the country they want to live in for the next chapter of our democracy. It is a campaign of hope.”

Central to the super-PAC’s campaign is a petition intended to persuade the media to refrain from using President Trump’s name on September 20th — 45 days before the election — and instead refer to him as “45.” For one day only, It’s Time For 46 wants to show the world how blotting out the president’s name can strip him of his power.

It’s Time For 46 emphasizes not only the symbolic power of numbers, but the gravity and shock-value of them as well. By shining a light on the quantifiable consequences of the Trump administration, the super-PAC hopes to underline the dire need for support and activism and to inject the presidential campaign with a much-needed boost of energy from multicultural millennial and Gen-Z voters.

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